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💖NEONUDE💖 new collection by Giorgia Soleri ACQUISTA ORA!

🌿 100% ingredienti VEGAN

Daily Mood

€22,68 €34,90
This orange palette contains 9 shades with a warm undertone, 3 of which have a pearl finish and 6, a matte finish.


Daily mood is the new orange eyeshadow palette by Mulac Cosmetics
This palette contains 9 removable eyeshadow pans, all featuring a matte and pearlescent finish. Their texture is soft and easy to blend. All shades are made with natural ingredients.

Peso: 1,5G/ OZ 0,05 cad. L'inci di ogni singola colorazione, è consultabile nella tabella di riferimento del singolo ombretto.

Daily Mood is ideal for creating natural to warm-intense and sophisticated make-up looks. This palette is recommended for complexions with warm yellow/olive undertones. Each eyeshadow contained in the Daily Mood palette is made with natural ingredients. The brightest and most colorful shades also feature a mix of synthetic pigments to ensure a high color payoff, whereas the pans with a shimmer texture have a higher percentage of pearls to provide more glamorous radiance.


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