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professional two-sided make-up sponge



“Shape the way” is a professional make-up sponge that can be used with all foundations, concealers, face powders, contouring creams, blushers or liquid and cream lighteners.

It is exceptionally versatile because it can be used either wet or dry and has a high-performance two-sided shape: it is rounded on one side for flawless blending and has a vertical edge on the other side that is ideal for the areas of the face which require greater definition.

“Shape the way” can also be used with its tip to bake make-up or reach those tiny, inaccessible places on the face.

“Shape the way” is a soft, latex free sponge that gets softer the more it is wet.

Thanks to its composition, the sponge can be used dry on greasy skin, damp on normal skin and wet on dry/dehydrated skin.

The spongy composition of “Shape the way” means it can be used either wet, damp or dry. We recommend using “Shape the way” dry when applying “Slay the game” foundation and “SEAL THE DEAL" face powder on greasy skin. For normal to combination skin, “Slay the game” foundation can be applied with a damp sponge and blended with “Dewmix” (a moisturizing lightening oil) for a dewy, fresh and natural look, concentrating “Seal the deal” powder on the shinier areas. For dry or dehydrated skin, we recommend wetting the sponge and using “Dewmix” as a primer over the whole face before applying and layering “Slay the game”. Thanks to the versatility and softness of “Shape the way”, it is a real must-have make-up tool that lends itself to many different uses: blending contouring cream, applying and shading blushers or cream and liquid lighteners. CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: Place the sponge under running water and wash using a neutral soap or a solid soap. Rinse then squeeze out any excess water and leave the sponge to dry in the fresh air. Put it away only when totally dry. RELATED PRODUCTS: SLAY THE GAME - monica SEAL THE DEAL - white DEWMIX OIL OMG - GOLD

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