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🤍La linea BFF si amplia!🤍 -15% su tutti i prodotti BFF

🌿 100% ingredienti VEGAN

Are you a make-up artist or a professional hair stylist?
We have always set ourselves the goal of supporting those who turn their art into a profession, thereby bringing innovation and professionalism to this incredible world of cosmetics. This is why, when you join the Mulac Pro Programme you will receive a 30% discount code you can use on all your purchases. Fill in all the fields of the form below in a clear and legible way. Attach the required documents and we will get in touch within 30 days!


Mulac Cosmetics products are only sold via and its stores. You might not know yet, but we may be closer than you think! Click below for the full list of shops and to find the one nearest to you... We look forward to seeing you! Our offices are in corso Vercelli 2 in Milan.