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🌿 100% ingredienti VEGAN

☀️-20% sui prodotti summer-proof! ACQUISTA ORA



On the go eye brush kits feature an ultra-spacious case, which makes them the perfect travel companion.

EYESSENTIAL BRUSHES is a new eye brush set showcased in a spacious and elegant black case. It is perfect for applying the new Liquid Soul shades and for creating different eye make-up looks. EYE JOLLY BRUSH is a soft, flat brush with an abundance of bristles, DIFFUSER BRUSH is a medium, conical brush, MICRO PEN BRUSH is an ultra-precise pen brush, and SMALL EYE BLENDER is a small, teardrop-shaped brush for precision blending.

EYE JOLLY BRUSH - a soft, flat brush with an abundance of bristles, a real all-rounder for use on the upper lid, brow bone and lash line DIFFUSER BRUSH - a medium, conical brush, for soft, natural and diffuse blending MICRO PEN BRUSH - an ultra-precise pen brush, suitable for creating all details SMALL EYE BLENDER - a small teardrop-shaped brush, for precision shading, even for small or hooded eyes

Vegan & Cruelty Free

All our products are formulated without animal-derived ingredients and are not tested on animals.


I nostri prodotti skincare e haircare contengono un'altissima percentuale di ingredienti di origine naturale.


Ultra-high performance formulas with safe ingredients.

Made in Italy

We believe in the value of our country's companies and in the quality of the research and development they provide.